Facts About Bourbon

There has been a growing fascination towards bourbon even in the Millennials. It is beaming to think that it is not just the oldies but the youngsters that appreciate the taste and the authentic flavor bourbons provide in our mouth and taste buds. Whether you want to buy bourbon online or purchase it at trusted local stores, bourbon can be seen everywhere, and it is one of the drinks that has considered to be a staple drink at any bar. If you are into bourbon or wanting to drink it the first time, here are the interesting facts you might not know about bourbons:

1.Its name was taken from the House of Bourbon – the house of Bourbon refers to the French royalty that came into power in the 16th century. They became more and more powerful and ruled over Sicily, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Naples, and Parma.

2.There are rules when it comes to bourbon – this rule does not go with how you drink the bourbon but to how bourbons should be made and produced. This is officially mandated by the government and should be followed by the producers and distillers: bourbons should be made from at least 51% of corn. His corns need to be aged in charred oak barrels. They also need to be bottled between 80 and 160 proof.

3.It is nobody’s child – when it comes to the origin of the bourbons, there are a lot of arguments that need to be answered and cleared. Some people say that it was Elijah Craig was the one who initiated and pioneered the use of charred oak barrels that led to the creation of bourbons, while others say that it was only a hoax. However, it was certain that it was James C. Crow who first invented the sour mash process which used yeast. In fact, he was credited for this.

4.The barrels need to be charred and used only once to have a better taste – when it comes to having the best quality bourbon, sophistication needs to be applied when doing the distilling processes. The barrel needs to be toasted in order to bring out the sugar from out of the wood. This is to provide a natural flavor that will mix into the bourbon. It is also fired to char the interior, and lastly, it is rung together with metal. These barrels used to create bourbons are typically not used twice and are used to age Scotch, as this will affect the taste and quality of the bourbon.

5.Look for the Bottled-in-bond – the United States government passed the Bottled in Bond Act in the year 1987 that protects the distillers and consumers from blended, diluted, and boot-legged bourbons. This provides that the liquor or bourbon needs to be a product of one distiller from one distillery company. The bottles are then stored in a federal warehouse for a couple of years in order to protect the bourbon distillers. These warehouses are supervised by trustworthy personnel only.

We do hope you enjoy reading a couple of bourbon facts today. Share this with your family and friends and let them know more about bourbons.