Why Gutters Are Important for Roofs

When you think of house maintenance, you can never be passive of the roofs you have in your house. Roofs provide protection and safety against external elements including heat, rainfall, and other things. And it also provides the house a structure necessary for foundation and at the same time offers aesthetics to your curb appeal.

When you look at the roof, you would notice that it does not just consist of shingles; roofs also do have gutters on them. You probably have asked why are gutter important in the roof? Surely, you know the basic function of gutters is basically for guiding the water on the roof to the rightful place on the ground, preferably a few meters away from your house.

If you are not into roofs and gutters, you probably do not know how important gutters are in your house’s maintenance and protection, as well as in your convenience and utility expenses.

In this article, we will share with you some of the damages that damaged gutters or lack thereof cause for you to know how important to ask for professional advice from roofers near me.

1.Water leaks

Gutters prevent your roof from pooling when there is rainfall. It guides the water from the roof to the corner to the ground. Without a gutter or with a damaged one, waters on the roof start to pool until they get to fall on the house’s sidings which can be susceptible to dampness and water. When this consistently happens, dampness will worsen and becomes water leaks. Water leaks are dangerous to you and tour houses.


When water consistently penetrates into the wall from outside to inside, this creates moisture on the wall. Moist environments are an ideal breeding ground for molds. Molds can either be neutral or hazardous to both your health and the house’s structure. Molds can cause irritations such as eye reddening, skin rashes, or can even trigger asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

3.Compromised structure

Molds do not just cause irritations; they can also compromise the house’s structure. When a house is consistently exposed to molds, this can cause weakening especially when the house is mostly made of wood and other soft materials.

4.Damaged wiring

Water leaks from the roof that penetrates inside the attic or basement can cause some electrical issues when the water penetrates within the walls. Contact your technician when this happens.

5.Insulation damages and issues

Water leaks cause the wall or any materials to soften and weaken. This becomes a problem when it comes to the insulation behind the walls. Insulation is made of foam materials that are susceptible to water. When exposed to water, it becomes damaged, compromising the house’s insulation. Poor insulation leads to inconvenience as well as an increase in energy and utility bills.


You see, gutters may comprise a small space on your roof structure, but they play a vital role in your house and protection. In its absence, the house becomes more susceptible to water leaks that can result in different issues and problems which were presented above.

Make sure that you contact your trusted roofers for any problems that may occur for faster repair.